Hello, and welcome

From as early as I can remember I have been fascinated with creating things for the home, other kids, crafts, accessories.  As an adult one of the skills I have repeatedly fallen back on is my ability to create something out of nothing.

This blog is the a meeting place of those ideas with action.   It’s a place for me share, store and organize my ideas sort of the like the idea of the Pensieve that belonged to Professor Dumbledore in the book series  Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.  I can use my magic wand to suck the idea from my brain and plop it down here (I really wish it was that easy).

By committing to this blog I’m inspiring myself to action towards a project that I have been thinking of for years.  I’m working towards creating a binder full of fun ideas for a well rounded life that you can add those magazine clippings that have inspired you  over the years and organize at will.

In the process of creating this I will learn much and become better at taking advantage of all the joy and beauty in everyday life, and record some of that process it so that it is there for others to ponder.

Keep checking back, this is just the start and I expect many changes.
“Have nothing in you home that you know not to be useful or believe to be beautiful”

2 responses to “Hello, and welcome

  1. Tim

    Hi Elizabeth:

    Neat Blog.

    Timothy K Cramer

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